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Lost and soon to be found

The internet’s been brimming with all things Lost as the final season’s premiere rapidly approaches.   I’ve been steering clear of just about all of it for fear of spoilers, but there’s some good reading to be found at the following links.

The Watcher blog has a lengthy spoiler-free interview with Lost honchos Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse here.  There’s a lot of insight into their creative decisions and how they’re approaching the series finale.  There also seems to be some pre-emptive damage control as they’re certainly anticipating how fans will react to the ending, good or bad.

Also, the New York Times got Lindelof and Cuse to share their essential Lost episodes for newcomers to the show and any fans looking to refresh their memories on the Lost mythos ahead of the premiere.  I can’t really argue with the list, but I just have to give a big thumbs up for the inclusion of season four’s “The Constant.”  It’s definitely my favorite episode so far.


Jean-Claude Van Dumb

Action stars of the 80s have struggled to remain relevant as audiences moved on left that decade behind.  Some went back to the well and made sequels to the films that defined them.  Some went into politics.  Some became policemen and made a reality TV series out of it.

Not to be left out in the cold, Jean-Claude Van Damme is stepping back into the kickboxing ring this year at the ripe age of 50, and he’d like to star in a reality series focusing on his training for the upcoming fight.  I’m all for him making more silly action movies with Dennis Rodman, but this is ridiculous.

If he’s ever going to have a chance, he should take notes from Bolo Yeung, who was 50 (!) when he played Chong Li in the classic “Bloodsport.”


It’s time to meet the mother

Monday’s 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother was the best I’ve seen all season.  Lily and Robin arguing about the “circumstantial hotness” of McLaren’s new bartender, Barney’s quest for said bartender, Marshall’s jealousy of said bartender and Barney’s love for suits expressed in song were all elements that play to the show’s strengths.  However, the episode also left me feeling that it’s about time we found out who the mother actually is.  The show is now in its fifth season and the teasing and misdirection has grown tiresome.  The show’s funny enough to continue as it is (there’s still a couple more slaps to cover) but at the risk of getting stale, I think it’s about time the HIMYM moved on and Ted settles down.


No more Mr. Nice Spy?

The Chuck season two cliffhanger left audiences with a lot to ponder regarding the future of the show.  Chuck was endowed with the ability to learn new skills as fast as they could be downloaded to his head, Matrix style.  Not only that, but it seemed he finally had the girl of his dreams.  It was going to be interesting to see what direction Chuck went given the changes made.

The season premiere certainly showed that everything in Chuck’s world was different, and not necessarily for the better.  By the end of the second episode, however, it doesn’t seem like anything’s changed.  Chuck’s still a bumbling wanna-be spy pining for the girl he can’t have, Sarah and Casey are still stuck working with, Morgan’s still Morgan (kind of) and there’s still a plethora of geeky 80s/90s references to be had (hello Wilson Phillips!).  I know there’s a lot in store this season, but for now Chuck is still Chuck.


Battle of the Punch Dances

Who was better expressing their anger through the art of dance?

Andy Samberg in Hot Rod?

or Bret McKenzie in Flight of the Conchords?

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