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Enter the Geek Zodiac

GeekTyrant has come up with a Geek Zodiac, a new twist on an old Chinese restaurant standby.  It’s got all the potential for disappointment of its Chinese counterpart, as you get your hopes up at being something awesome like a dragon only to find out you’re a goat.


Shameless yet Courageous

When I first saw the title I thought it was some sort of ethnic version of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, but it actually just turned out to be some guy showing off his cunning thesaural skills.


Help, I need to find this person

via thescottbishop‘s Twitter


Snowpocalypse Now

The Snowmageddon of 2011 unleashed its fury on Chicago last night, and my brother and I unwittingly got the full experience.  What’s normally a 30-minute drive home from downtown turned into a three-hour adventure involving traffic jams, sliding along snow-caked roads and a whole lot of wind.  And that was before we got home.

Facing south on northbound Lakeshore Drive. After a bus spun out on ice and blocked three lanes, cars were gridlocked for hours. Many were abandoned as the night wore on.

After a 3-hour trek home, we found a window in our 11th floor unit had been broken. What are the odds? I guess with 60 mph winds, anything's possible.

With gusting winds and snow blowing in, the hole needed to be plugged. Extra floor panels and a coffee table made for a temporary solution.

The final solution, thanks to the window repair man. We plugged the seams with garbage bags and towels to minimize draft.

Passed by the Honorable Richard J. Daley Plaza (with the Picasso) on the way to class the following day. The storm had passed and cleanup was underway.

Facing south on LaSalle Blvd. With virtually all businesses closed for the day, downtown Chicago was empty except for random people taking pictures. Felt like I was in a zombie movie.


Blizzard blitz

Lake Michigan frozen over

Mother nature must believe in equal opportunity.  After hammering the East Coast with major snowfall, she’s about to give the midwest a winter blast that’s gotten everyone’s attention.  The Chicago Sun-Times called the storm ‘life-threatening’ and there’s speculation snowfall could reach the record level of 23 inches.  By this time tomorrow, we’ll see if the storm lives up to its billing.


Bragging Rights

The next time you get into an argument with your friend who lives in a different part of the country than you, be sure to incorporate this map’s knowledge into your arsenal before resorting to name-calling and bringing their mothers into the fray.

Besides that, it further fuels the fire to the never-ending debates of who’s freakier (Washington or Louisiana), who’s smarter (Texas or Maine) or which state is the worst for women (South Dakota or Nebraska)?

Via Pleated Jeans.


Friday Beertime

I like beer commercials as much as the next guy (Keith Stone), but I want to salute Dos Equis for what is probably the only beer marketing campaign that doesn’t portray men as idiots.