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new bon iver

Here’s the new track “Calgary” from Bon Iver’s upcoming eponymous album due on June 21. The first couple seconds seriously gave off the vibe like you’re about to hear a cover of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is,” until Bon Iver’s trademark falsetto kicks in and you get an idea of how much the band has expanded its sound.


New Junior Boys!

Electropop duo Junior Boys recently posted their latest track “Banana Ripple” to their website to herald the release of their next album It’s All True due on June 14, 2011.  “Banana Ripple” is uptempo and danceable, clocks in with a lengthy 9:15 runtime yet hooks you right from the start.  I loved 2006’s So This is Goodbye, but this is a welcome contrast to Junior Boys’ previous works, which were rewarding if you were patient enough.


Smooth Y Funky

Super 8 film has a warm and fuzzy appearance to it.  Toro Y Moi’s track “Still Sound” gets me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.  This track is currently on repeat.


Planting Seeds

Touring in support of its recently-released album Seeds, Hey Rosetta! stopped by Schubas in Chicago on Feb. 25.  The band’s set featured tracks from each of its three LPs, including blaring anthems like Yer Spring, A Thousand Suns and Red Heart to softer pieces like Bandages and We Made A Pact.  Many of Hey Rosetta’s tracks start soft and build to a rousing, satisfying finish.  They throw in some curveballs to that formula, though, whether it’s jamming at the end of There’s An Arc, the multi-faceted drum solo on Seeds or covering Cyndi Lauper.


Birthdays according to Jon Lajoie

Comedian Jon Lajoie provides one of the most detailed and ultimately inappropriate birthday songs ever.  Anyone have a birthday coming up?


That song stuck in your head

People mostly attribute having a song stuck in your head because it’s the last thing you heard before work.  But how does a song gets stuck in your head if it comes out of nowhere for no good reason?  Inception?  That happened to me once several years ago.  I was taking my first exam of the new school year, and all of a sudden Steven Tyler is wailing that Armageddon song, aka the most annoying song Aerosmith ever recorded in my head.  There was no reason for this, I hadn’t heard it in months.  It just showed up.  I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty hard to concentrate when there’s a song you don’t like stuck in your head.  Rather than answer the questions, I was wasting my mental energy simultaneously singing the song and wondering where the hell it came from.  Suffice to say, I failed the exam because of that and I will always hate that Armageddon Aerosmith song.


Sharing is still easy for Radiohead

Wouldn’t it be great if all those live concert videos of (insert your favorite band here) on YouTube had good audio?  I don’t really complain about this because I’m getting a free guerilla-style look into a live performance, but the sound totally makes or breaks the video.  Just a pet peeve I guess.

A couple years after offering an album on a name-your-price basis, Radiohead is up to more internet wizardry.  Via

The band encouraged their fans to record the concert using their cameras and camcorders. The video footage was then collected, mashed up together and coupled with the soundboard’s audio recording.

The end result is an entire concert video available for download or for your own viewing pleasure on YouTube.  With brilliant sound.