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Community wins at movie parodies

I can’t think of a better way of describing NBC’s Community than Jason Roberts did in his review at DVD Talk so I’m not going to even try.  But I did want to say their episode-length movie parodies are excellent stuff.  They work within the show’s setting, stay true to the characters and don’t come off as lazy filler episodes.

It appears “Modern Warfare” aka The Paintball Episode is the most notorious of the satires, not to mention one of the show’s best episodes overall.  After blazing through season one and catching up with season two, I’m glad to see the movie parody wasn’t a one-time deal.  Community also did the buddy cop movie in “The Science of Illusion,” the mafia movie in the awesome “Contemporary American Poultry,” the college comedy movie with many nods to Animal House in “The Art of Discourse” and most recently the astronaut movie in “Basic Rocket Science,” which featured the most ridiculously awesome product placement ever – a space simulator sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken call the Eleven Herbs & Space Experience.

Community has covered a lot of ground in such short time.  I have faith the writers/producers won’t go back to the well too often and turn this clever and quirky series into That Movie Parody Show, but I am looking forward to the next one.  The big question is, what will they spoof next?