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Blizzard blitz

Lake Michigan frozen over

Mother nature must believe in equal opportunity.  After hammering the East Coast with major snowfall, she’s about to give the midwest a winter blast that’s gotten everyone’s attention.  The Chicago Sun-Times called the storm ‘life-threatening’ and there’s speculation snowfall could reach the record level of 23 inches.  By this time tomorrow, we’ll see if the storm lives up to its billing.


Is Vegemite dynomite?

Traveling to Australia is something that’s long been on my bucket list.  When that day finally comes, I’ll be sure to give Vegemite a try.  On toast, of course.  If it wasn’t for ESPN, I’d still be oblivious to what is apparently an Australian icon.

After seeing and reading about Americans’ repulsed reactions to this crazy concoction around the Internet, I’m curious to see for myself if this brown/black yeast extract spread has any flavor to it or if it really tastes like “a mixture of salt and battery acid.”


Welcome back Archer

Thursday Jan. 27 marks the welcome premiere of the second season of Archer on FX.  In anticipation of more inappropriate hilarity from the utterly dysfunctional International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), I’m making ten predictions for season two’s descent into the danger zone.

  1. Archer will reference a time he killed a hooker
  2. Archer will reference using a common household item as a sex toy
  3. We’ll see Lana in various states of undress
  4. Archer will fully realize the potential of the tactical turtleneck, aka the tacti-neck
  5. Cheryl/Carol will seduce someone else into having sex with/choking her
  6. Cyril’s insecurity about his relationship with Lana will prompt him to sleep with Pam
  7. That black Jewish guy from “Diversity Hire” will return to retrieve his severed hand
  8. Archer’s mom will micro-manage another assignment
  9. We’ll see footage from Archer’s mom’s sex tape
  10. We learn the only other thing Krieger gets erections from, after homeless people and Cheryl/Carol, are circus midgets

What do you think will happen in season two?


Bragging Rights

The next time you get into an argument with your friend who lives in a different part of the country than you, be sure to incorporate this map’s knowledge into your arsenal before resorting to name-calling and bringing their mothers into the fray.

Besides that, it further fuels the fire to the never-ending debates of who’s freakier (Washington or Louisiana), who’s smarter (Texas or Maine) or which state is the worst for women (South Dakota or Nebraska)?

Via Pleated Jeans.


Let’s eat at the Lobster Garden

Hybrid fast food joints are pretty commonplace, but hybrid sit-down restaurants seems pretty crazy.  With the economy as it is, this idea seems to be worth a shot for parent company Darden Restaurants, who is opening a combination Red Lobster Olive Garden restaurant in Florida.  I don’t know how you can make Red Lobster or Olive Garden seem any cheaper, but putting them in the same building is a good start.  Not even Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits could save them from this madness!


Friday Beertime

I like beer commercials as much as the next guy (Keith Stone), but I want to salute Dos Equis for what is probably the only beer marketing campaign that doesn’t portray men as idiots.


That GDB

The month-long hiatus of NBC’s Community, which thankfully comes to an end tonight, allowed me to obsessively pore over and memorize trivia from rewatch some choice moments from Community’s first season.  While I’m a big fan of Troy & Abed doing random, ridiculous stuff,  I tend to overlook the little subplot where the oft-topless hippy Vaughn was tormented by the study group.

However, he managed to get a good dig in at Britta when he wrote the catchy reggae break-up song “Gettin’ Rid of Britta.”  So in the off chance you randomly see this shirt on the street, you’ll actually know the story behind it.