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Lethal Weapon 5

From the minds of Mac & Dennis Reynolds


Welcome back Archer

Thursday Jan. 27 marks the welcome premiere of the second season of Archer on FX.  In anticipation of more inappropriate hilarity from the utterly dysfunctional International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), I’m making ten predictions for season two’s descent into the danger zone.

  1. Archer will reference a time he killed a hooker
  2. Archer will reference using a common household item as a sex toy
  3. We’ll see Lana in various states of undress
  4. Archer will fully realize the potential of the tactical turtleneck, aka the tacti-neck
  5. Cheryl/Carol will seduce someone else into having sex with/choking her
  6. Cyril’s insecurity about his relationship with Lana will prompt him to sleep with Pam
  7. That black Jewish guy from “Diversity Hire” will return to retrieve his severed hand
  8. Archer’s mom will micro-manage another assignment
  9. We’ll see footage from Archer’s mom’s sex tape
  10. We learn the only other thing Krieger gets erections from, after homeless people and Cheryl/Carol, are circus midgets

What do you think will happen in season two?


That GDB

The month-long hiatus of NBC’s Community, which thankfully comes to an end tonight, allowed me to obsessively pore over and memorize trivia from rewatch some choice moments from Community’s first season.  While I’m a big fan of Troy & Abed doing random, ridiculous stuff,  I tend to overlook the little subplot where the oft-topless hippy Vaughn was tormented by the study group.

However, he managed to get a good dig in at Britta when he wrote the catchy reggae break-up song “Gettin’ Rid of Britta.”  So in the off chance you randomly see this shirt on the street, you’ll actually know the story behind it.


R.I.P. Major Dick Winters

As much as I go on about the toughness of action movie heroes, I want to pay tribute to a real man. Dick Winters, World War II commander of Easy Company, died on Jan. 2, 2011. He was 92.

Like so many others, I know of him because of the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers.  Whether or not Winters’ exploits were exaggerated for television, it’s readily apparent that he was a great leader and a man of character, and someone worth aspiring to. Read more at the Washington Post and The Patriot-News.


Community wins at movie parodies

I can’t think of a better way of describing NBC’s Community than Jason Roberts did in his review at DVD Talk so I’m not going to even try.  But I did want to say their episode-length movie parodies are excellent stuff.  They work within the show’s setting, stay true to the characters and don’t come off as lazy filler episodes.

It appears “Modern Warfare” aka The Paintball Episode is the most notorious of the satires, not to mention one of the show’s best episodes overall.  After blazing through season one and catching up with season two, I’m glad to see the movie parody wasn’t a one-time deal.  Community also did the buddy cop movie in “The Science of Illusion,” the mafia movie in the awesome “Contemporary American Poultry,” the college comedy movie with many nods to Animal House in “The Art of Discourse” and most recently the astronaut movie in “Basic Rocket Science,” which featured the most ridiculously awesome product placement ever – a space simulator sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken call the Eleven Herbs & Space Experience.

Community has covered a lot of ground in such short time.  I have faith the writers/producers won’t go back to the well too often and turn this clever and quirky series into That Movie Parody Show, but I am looking forward to the next one.  The big question is, what will they spoof next?


Filling out my fall TV roster

The new fall TV season is upon us, and I’m still trying to figure out which shows to plug in to my weekly roster.

TV Squad has a rundown of what’s on tonight and I’m assuming will do so every day.  Reviews of the new shows are starting to pop up from the online critics.

I’m intrigued about The Event on NBC and Fox’s con man drama, Lone Star.  I just wish they weren’t both airing on Monday, since it was already a night of tough decisions because Chuck and How I Met Your Mother air opposite each other.  I have a bad FlashForward 2.0 feeling about The Event after seeing some promos so I’ll probably give Lone Star a shot first.


Have we met your ‘Mother’?

Word’s gotten out that Jennifer Morrison of House fame has joined the cast of How I Met Your Mother for the show’s sixth season as Ted Mosby’s latest (and hopefully last) love interest, Zooey.  Details are at The Ausiello Files.

HIMYM has been on a slow descent to the middle for a while and season five was pretty forgetful overall.  What’s been really annoying is the teasing that whatever guest star is on could be Ted’s future wife.  I would have no problem if Morrison is the titular mother.  It’s not like the show has to end if we find out it’s her, and it shouldn’t be hard to squeeze out a season of her and Ted settling into a relationship with much hilarity before they tie the knot.  But if the writers/producers pull another Robin/Stella with Zooey, then I’m quitting the show.

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