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Hesher trailer is a winner

If a trailer’s job is to make someone want to see the movie it’s advertising, they’re doing an excellent job at failing these days.  Maybe that’s why Hesher’s trailer has my attention, or maybe it’s because it once again proves Metallica and vans (the automobiles, not the shoes) are a winning combination.  Selling Hesher to audiences based on its highly-marketable actors seems easy.  I imagine getting people interested in a slice-of-life movie about a widower, his 13-year-old son and their heavy-metal housemate, is not.  Hesher doesn’t look like it’s for everyone, and it could easily turn out to be another in a long list of movies whose trailer was more entertaining than the actual product.  But for the time being, the trailer’s mix of small-scale pyrotechnics, random destruction and a Wes Anderson-like sense of gloom really makes me want to see Hesher.